Asphalt Paving & Repairs

With years of experience, our Hills Asphalt paving company located in Sydney will complete your next asphalt paving project done right the first time. We pave any location from commercial, industrial and municipal carparks to roads, streets, walkways, footpaths and other serviceable areas.

But as Sydney's premiere asphalt paving contractor, that’s not all we do. We're also your go-to for asphalt overlays, road repairs and seal coating. If you've got a need for asphalt we're the guys to call.

Let us give you a long lasting asphalt job. We can seal or fill your potholes and cracked roads, provide other needs like finishing, striping and marking.

Whatever you need done, Hills Asphalt Sydney can do it. For a free quote contact us or get a quote and let us can make your next project done right the first time.